829 Auto Policy

Labor Rate

Labor rate is computed by clock hours and/or flat rate manual. Cars and trucks are $130 per hour & high end / luxury cars are $200 per hour. Classification is at the discretion of 829 Auto. 

Minimum lift charge is $65


All repairs come with a 12 month – 12,000 mile part and labor warranty under normal paved street driving conditions. If you bring your own parts or have performance parts installed, there is no warranty. 829 Auto holds the right to warranty discretion

Deposits and Special Orders

All deposits and special orders are non-refundable, no exclusions.All special orders must be paid for in advance. 829 Auto is not responsible for extended shipping times.  Long duration or availability is not a reason for a refund, we are at the mercy of our vendors and the ship times that they give us.  Companies extending shipping times is included in this notice.  All special order parts are shipped to 829 Auto unless noted or discussed otherwise.  All parts must be picked up within 30 days or the customer forfeits ownership of items without refund or exchange.  Please conduct business in a timely manner.


Vehicle storage is calculated at $50 per day. Once work is completed on your vehicle and you have been notified, you have 48 hours to pay the bill entirely and pick it up. Vehicles are not released on partial payment! All invoices must be paid IN FULL or we will not release the vehicle.  DO NOT ABANDON YOUR VEHICLE HERE!

Tuning, Test Driving, & Breakdowns

All tunes start at a baseline of 1 hour programming labor – $130

When tuning a vehicle for high performance or road testing, the health of the vehicle will be stressed to a greater level. 829 Auto is not responsible for any issues or damage to vehicles before, during, or after the tuning process. Road testing vehicles is included in this no-fault notice. Data logging, strenuous driving, and / or revving to fuel cut-off must be performed in certain circumstances, we cannot be held responsible for damage done in these processes. 

If any vehicle breaks down during a road test, we are not responsible for the vehicle not being able to complete the test. Any towing services will be charged to the customer and will be due immediately upon pickup of the vehicle.

Unforeseen Circumstances

If you bring your own parts and they are wrong parts, you will still be charged accordingly if work was performed. If the parts you brought are defective or non-operational, the job will still be charged for no matter what condition the vehicle is in.  If your vehicle is damaged, rotten, or unsafe, it must be dealt with accordingly before repairs can be completed. We will not send someone back out onto the road in an unsafe vehicle, we have strict quality and safety standards.  829 Auto is not liable for any items left in vehicle.  Any damage, theft, fire, Act of God, or natural disaster is not the responsibility of 829 Auto

Right To Refuse Service

Due to the nature of the automotive repair business and work flow, we hold the right to refuse service. This is based off the discretion of 829 Auto and may change at any time. Conducting business in a disrespectful manner or haggling price are grounds to refuse service indefinitely.

Audio & Video Recording In Progress

829 Auto is under constant audio and video recording. The customer is aware and authorizes 829 Auto to use audio, images, & videos for any purpose

Customer Warranty or Repair Insurance Companies

Under no circumstances does 829 Auto deal with a customers warranty or repair insurance company. We are not responsible for any costs not covered by any claim what so ever. Communicating with these companies is 100% the customers responsibility